Frequently Asked Questions

Installation FAQ

What are the minimum system requirements for Soul of Eden?

Soul of Eden currently can run on iOS 9.0 and Andriod 5.0 or above operating systems. For the best experience, we recommend playing on medium-to-high-end devices released within the past two years.
Besides, Soul of Eden is currently not supported by non-Android open-source operating systems. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

I have trouble installing the game.

As Soul of Eden contains relatively large files, we recommend having at least 2 GB of available space in your device, as well as downloading with a stable internet connection.
If you encounter any further installation issues, please contact us at service@rayark.com for further assistance.

I cannot open the game. / I get a blank screen.

Please check that the file has been fully dowloaded which should be around 1GB. Also make sure the game has not been installed on an external space, such as SD card.
If the problem persists, please contact us at service@rayark.com with your device model and Android/iOS version number for assistance.

Account FAQ

How do I create an account?

After opening the game, select your preferred method to register for a Rayark Pass, which can be used to play Soul of Eden.
Your Rayark Pass can be bound to Facebook, Twitter, your Apple/Google ID, or Email address.
If you already have a Rayark Pass, there is no need to create another one.

What is a Guest account?

A Guest account allows you to play Soul of Eden without a Rayark Pass, but will not save your progress if the game is deleted from your device. If you wish to make any purchases, or save your progress, please select the drop-down menu located to the right of the mailbox on Soul of Eden's main screen, click "Settings", then click "Account Settings" where you can bind your current Guest account to your Email address, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple/Google ID.

How do I bind my Guest account?

If you wish to link your Guest account so you don't lose your progress, please select the drop-down menu next to the mailbox located on the main screen of the game, click "Settings", then "Account Settings". You will then see the option to bind your current Guest account to your Email address, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple/Google ID.

When I attempt to bind my Guest account, it shows "Operation unsuccessful. This account is already in use, it cannot be transferred or linked".

This message means the current Email address or social media account has already been bound to a Rayark Pass, and therefore cannot be bound again.

If you want to save the progress made in your Guest account, please choose a different email address, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple/Google ID account which has not yet been bound.
If you already have a Rayark Pass and want to log in to it, please choose "Switch Accounts" and log in to your Rayark Pass account.

Be aware that when you log out of a non-bound Guest account, all progress will be lost!

What is the "SID"?

The SID is your Rayark Pass ID.

Players can see their SID by clicking on the drop-down menu next to the in-game mailbox (located on the main page of the game), clicking "Settings", then "Account Settings".
Your SID can be copied to the clipboard, and is useful should you ever need to contact us!

*Note that the text of your SID can be changed by clicking "Edit". However, it can only be changed one time, so be sure not to make any typos!

How do I send someone my SID?

Your SID can be copied to the clipboard from the Account Settings menu. To get to the menu, select the drop-down menu next to the mailbox, click "Settings", then "Account Settings". There you will see your SID (Example: rayarkplayer#123456). Selecting the icon under your SID will copy it to the clipboard.

* Your full SID consists of the text, # sign, and numbers. Remember to include all of these together when sending your SID!

I can't use my account anymore, can I bind to a new one?

Once you bind Soul of Eden to a specific email address or social media account, it is permanent. We are unable to un-bind your account, or bind it to a new one. As such, make sure to bind Soul of Eden to an account you plan to keep for a long time.

Can I log in to my Soul of Eden account on different operating systems?

Yes; Since all data is saved to your Rayark Pass, when using Rayark Pass you are free to jump between Android and iOS. However, you are only allowed to log in to one device at the same time.

I forgot what account my Rayark Pass is bound to.

First, please check if you have already logged in to the Rayark Pass: https://www.rayark-pass.net/

If so, you should be able to see whether it is logged in through Facebook, Twitter, Apple/Google ID or email.

You can also contact us at service@rayark.com for assistance.

I forgot my password.

If your Rayark Pass is bound to a social media platform, Google, or Apple, please check your login information through that specific platform.

If your Rayark Pass is bound to an email address, please click the "forgot password" link at https://www.rayark-pass.net/forgot. Submit your email address and click "Send Reset Form" to receive a message with instructions on how to reset your password.

I didn't receive a reset form.

If you didn't receive a password reset form, it may be due to your Rayark Pass being bound to a different Email or social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Google/Apple ID). If you cannot find which account your Rayark Pass is bound to, or are still not receiving your reset form, please contact us at service@rayark.com for assistance.

Game Content FAQ

What is the Battlefield?

The Battlefield is where all competitors in Soul of Eden go to duke it out! Here you can pick your deck and battle against other players from all over the world.

What are Battlefield points?

Points reflect your standing on the Battlefield. As you win games, you earn points. As your points increase, you'll also match against more formidable opponents, unlock more prizes from the Tower of Honor, and reap better rewards at the end of the season.
Basically, more points means more stuff!
However, please remember that as you gain points when you win, you also lose points when you're defeated. But don't fret! By creating stronger decks and improving your techniques, you'll be racking up more points in no time.

What is the Playground?

The Playground is a more casual mode of play, somewhere you can relax and take a break from the high-stakes of the Battlefield.
The Playground has special modes which update and change periodically, each with its own unique rules and mechanics! Moreover, you can also get rewards for winning!

What are the leaderboards?

The leaderboards rank players based on how many points they have. On the leaderboards, you can see how you rank compared to other players in the world, or in your region, as well as see the names of Soul of Eden's top competitors. Keep getting your points, and one day you might even see yourself in the top spot!

What is the Tower of Honor?

Within the Tower of Honor lies sweet, sweet loot. As you gain points in Soul of Eden, you climb higher up the tower and unlock more goodies. For example, at 50 points you unlock the Land of Souls, and at 100 points the Waterfall of Time. So get those points and claim those juicy rewards!

What is a season? How long does a season last?

A season is a period of time within the game, and lasts for a specified duration (the length of which can be checked in the Tower of Honor menu). When a season ends, Battlefield points are reset back to a certain number (depending on how many you had), and rewards are given out (also based on how many points you had). More points = better rewards!

How do I find my missions? What is the difference between daily missions and achievements?

You can find your missions by clicking on the orange flag located at the top left of the main screen. There, you can find the daily mission tab and the achievements tab, which list your missions as well as their requirements and rewards.

Daily missions are small tasks which update every day, giving players an extra way to gather rewards! New daily missions are added every day at 03:00am (UTC). If you don't like a certain mission, Souls can be spent to roll for a new one. If you run out of missions and don't want to wait for more, Souls can also be spent to get new ones immediately.
Keep in mind that you can only have five daily missions at a time. If you already have five missions, you will need to finish some to make space for new ones.

Achivements, unlike daily missions, are fixed missions that you can complete slowly while playing the game. Each achievement can only be completed once.

What is the Waterfall of Time?

Players can throw some Souls into the Waterfall of Time each day to get resources and cards. You can only use the waterfall four times a day, with a small cooldown between each use. After the fourth time, you will have to wait until 03:00am (UTC) the next day for the waterfall to refresh! Don't forget to take advantage of the Waterfall of Time each day to keep that reward train rollin'!

What is the Land of Souls?

Players can gain Souls from fighting in the Battlefield and Playground, which then make their way to the Land of Souls. After gaining the required amount of Souls, players are then rewarded with a pack of cards!
Players can use the Land of Souls four times per day, after which they must wait until 03:00am (UTC) to use it again.

What is the Soul Shop?

At the Soul Shop, players can take advantage of limited-time in-app purchases, such as our newcomer packs or special bundles, as well as spend their hard-earned Coins and Souls on various goodies.

At the Coin Shop, players can spend Coins on cards and resources, which refresh every day.
At the Resource Market, players can spend Souls in exchange for Gaia and Eden Stardust, which are used to upgrade your cards.
At the Card Pack Shop, players can use Souls to buy card packs, including starter gift packs for each faction!
At the Soulstone Shop, players can purchase a Time Treasure Box or bundles of Souls.

And just so you know, free stuff (!!) will pop up from time to time in the shops, so make sure to check in every day!

What are Coins?

Coins are a common currency within Soul of Eden, which can be used to buy cards and resources at the Coin Shop, or to create a guild.

How do I get more Souls?

Souls can be aquired through purchases in the Soul Shop, or through completing daily missions, guild missions, or achievements. Souls can also be aquired as season rewards, so make sure to get as many points as you can before the end of each season!

What is Stardust?

Stardust is awarded when buying card packs with Souls in the Soul Shop, the amount obtained depends on how many packs are purchased at once. Stardust can be spent at the Soul Shop's Lucky Store (available after unlocking the Empire faction) to get rare cards!

What are Souls? What do I do with them?

Souls are a precious resource within Soul of Eden. Souls can be used to buy card packs or Gaia and Eden Stardust in the Soul Shop.
Also, Souls can be used in place of Coins when you don't have enough.

What is Gaia Stardust and Eden Stardust?

These two types of Stardust are used to upgrade cards. While players are able to upgrade their cards without Stardust when they have a specified amount of extra copies, Gaia and Eden Stardust can be used as an alternative way to do so when the player does not have enough extra copies.
Specifically, Gaia Stardust is used for upgrading Republic and Alien faction cards, and Eden Stardust is used to upgrade Beasts and Empire faction cards.

Players can get Gaia and Eden Stardust from the Soul Shop, the Waterfall of Time, or from crushing cards.

What is the social pagefor?

The social pagecontains the Friends and Guild tabs.
On the Friends tab, you can add new friends using their SID, or challenge your friends to a match.
On the Guild tab, you can join an existing Guild or spend 15,000 Coins to create your own Guild. After joining or creating a Guild, you and your Guild members can work together to complete Guild missions for more rewards.

How do I battle my friends?

You can battle friends from the Social page. Within the Friends tab, choose the friend you wish to battle and select the battle button, which looks like two green crossing swords. Remember, this button won't show up unless your friend is online.

Why don't I see a way to battle friends?

If you don't see the battle button when selecting your friend in the Friend tab, then it's possible that your friend isn't online. Tell them to log-on, then try again!

How do I add friends?

Head to the Social page, followed by "Add a friend". Input your friend-to-be's SID to send them a request!

How do I upgrade cards?

There are two ways to upgrade cards. If you look at a card in the Deck page, you will see a specified amount of copies needed to upgrade it, with the amount of copies you currently have on the left, and then amount needed on the right (for example: 2/5). Once you have the required amount, you can click into the card and select "Level up" and then "Confirm" to upgrade that card.
If you don't have enough copies of a card you wish to upgrade, you can also spend Gaia or Eden Stardust to do so.

How do I unlock new factions?

Factions are unlocked after gaining the required amount of points from the Battlefield.
To see how many points you need to unlock a certain Faction, you can check the Tower of Honor.

How do I get legendary cards?

While Legendary cards are very rare, there are still a number of ways to get your hands on them.
After completing all of a faction's puzzle missions, players are then able to purchase a random Legendary card from that faction for 500 Souls. Legendary cards can also be found within card packs, the Lucky Shop (available after unlocking the Empire faction), and the Tower of Honor.

How do I get better at making decks/playing the game?

While it may seem simple enough to jump in and start battling it out, mastering Soul of Eden takes real dedication! There are countless possible ways to build you deck and utilize your units on the battlefield, with new techniques and strategies being cooked up each day by competitors looking for new ways to achieve victory.

That being said, the default decks for each faction are a great place to start. Each factions challenges in the Arena are also a good way to wrap your head around each faction's unique playstyle. You can also watch match replays from top-ranked players on the leadboards and learn some new tricks!

What is Eden Pass? How do I get it?

All players will be able to access Eden Pass by accessing it through the right side of the screen on your main page. By collecting Souls, players can unlock rewards from the corresponding stages, but only after they have been unlocked. However, players may also purchase the pass to receive better rewards and also unlock future progress without waiting for the stages to be unlocked! ※The unlocking of stages will speed up as time progresses, please refer to in-game descriptions for more detailed information.

Gameplay FAQ

Do I need to always be online while playing?

As Soul of Eden is an online experience, you need to maintain a constant internet connection while the game is open, or you will not be able to play.

I keep getting connection errors.

This may be due to too many players being online at once, or a weak internet signal. We recommend checking to make sure your internet connection is stable; changing to a new connection; or trying again at a later time. If you are still having issues, please contact us at service@rayark.com for assistance.

How can I watch a replay of a match?

If you wish to watch a replay of your own match, select your avatar from the main screen, followed by the Match Replay tab, and the match you wish to replay.
You can also watch matches from other players by viewing their profiles.
Note that only matches from the Battlefield or those against friends are currently replayable.

How can I share a match replay with my friends?

In the Match Replay tab, select "Create replay code" under the desired match. You can then show this replay code to others, who can input it with the "Enter replay code" button located in their own Match Replay tab.

I think my opponent was hacking/cheating.

If you suspect foul play from an opponent, we recommend you first watch the replay of the match in question to reconfirm.

If you still feel they were cheating, please send the match's replay code to us at service@rayark.com. If you cannot find the replay code, then you may also and provide your opponent's nickname, the factions used, and a detailed description of the issue so we can best address the problem.

While opening a card pack, my screen flashed/went blank, and I didn't get the cards.

If something strage happened while opening a pack, don't worry. After purchasing a pack, the cards are immediately added to your collection, regardless of whether you saw the results of the opening. If you still have doubts to whether your cards were received, please contact us at service@rayark.com.

Payment FAQ

Can I make purchases without a credit card?

Currently, Soul of Eden supports purchases from both the Google Play store (Android) and App store (iOS). Players should consult their store's help section to find ways to add funds without a credit card.

I made a purchase, but I still haven't gotten my item.

If you purchased something but didn't receive the item, please send a screenshot of your receipt from the Google Play or iOS App store, as well as your SID to service@rayark.com so we can best fix the issue.

*To find your SID, click on Settings from the drop-down menu located next to the mailbox on the main screen of Soul of Eden, followed by Account Settings. There, you can copy your SID to the clipboard.

Why aren't I seeing certain options in the shop? (Ex: Let's Welcome Furi!)

There are certain items and bundles in the store that can only be purchased when players have reached a certain level, or have met certain requirements. If you have any specific Shop-related questions, please contact us at service@rayark.com.


How can I provide feedback/suggestions for Soul of Eden?

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding Soul of Eden, please contact us at service@rayark.com. We welcome all player feedback!

How do I know what has changed with each update?

We will always post detailed notes of each update in the Announcements within of Soul of Eden, located by selecting the drop-down menu located next to the mailbox on the main screen.
We also post all patch notes on Soul of Eden's social media pages:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rayark.Soulofeden
Twitter: https://twitter.com/soe_rayark